If they list it, you should know.

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New Listings

New Listing Watch

Every listing matters.

If anyone in your database — lead, prospect, turndown, or customer — lists their home for sale, you'll know.

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You should know.

On average, there are about 35,000 new home listings every single day around the country. How many of those are from within your database? Without borrower intelligence, you're letting someone else get the easy deals.
New Listings

Give them a second opinion

Nothing is final until its final, so let your borrowers know that you'll make sure they're getting the very best loan for their specific needs.

Pre-Qualify Them

Get your borrower prequalified for their next home.

Your realtor is better

Let your borrower know that if things don't work out with their current realtor, you know the best ones in the area and would be happy to make the introduction.

Syncing With Your Favorite CRM

No extra work. No new system to learn. Plug and play... Yup, that just happened.

Turn listings into new loans.

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New Listing Alerts


Alerts to your email

Know right away if someone in your database is about to make a major financial move.


Automatically start tracking

No need to tell us that you want to track listing activity. We'll automatically notify you when anyone in your database puts their house up for sale.


Automated mail drop

In case they missed your call or email, we can automatically send a personalized letter to your borrower letting him/her know that you're here for them.