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The Fastest Growing Tech Firm in Mortgage

In 2019, our clients recaptured over $4.1B in originations. Sales Boomerang is one of the most revolutionary technologies ever developed for the mortgage industry. We’re constantly being nominated for top tech awards and have already been nationally recognized twice by industry pros from National Mortgage Professional Magazine and Banking CIO magazine:

40 under 40 Most Influential Leaders in the industry Top Tech of 2019

The BIG 5

When and why should you utilize Sales Boomerang? Here are the top five questions to ask yourself:


Do You Want to Reduce the Cost of Funding?

Is your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) more than $1,500? If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of doing deals, then you need to look at Sales Boomerang. Our clients are seeing a CPA of $241 – $622. If you’re nowhere near these numbers, it’s time to schedule a demo.


Do You Want to Increase Volume?

Are you looking for a way to add 10 to 20% lift to your volume? Sales Boomerang will easily — and we mean easily — add double digit lift. Schedule your demo and see it in action. We’re also happy to introduce you to our clients who will share their experiences with you themselves.


Do You Want to Increase Customer Retention?

Are you losing more than 25% of your portfolio every year? Are Early Payoffs (EPOs) keeping you up at night? Have you worked the losses into your business model? A yes to any of these questions means it’s time to look at an automated borrower retention strategy with Sales Boomerang. Trust us — your team will thank you!


Do You Want to Enhance the Borrower Experience?

Are you looking to improve the experience for your borrowers? Is your repeat and referral business low or non-existent? If you feel like it’s time to give your borrowers more than just a loan, then it’s time to look at Sales Boomerang. Better experience and increased loan volume — what’s not to love?


Do You Want to Bring Back Your Dead Deals?

Are you sure you’re winning every deal possible? Do you know which opportunities you missed but should have won? How many of your past clients are cheating on you? How many turndowns are ready for a loan today? Remember: there’s no such thing as a dead deal when you have Sales Boomerang’s borrower intelligence on your side.